Foot Cream 100gm

EGP 130

Cracked Feet Cream with honey & special natural ingredients for healthy, soft feet skin.

Say goodbye to cracked heels and rough skin. It’s time for OASIS Foot Cream with vitamin E, natural honey, propolis, lanolin, and lactic acid gave your feet the pampering that should be a part of any beauty routine. Rich in these pure, natural ingredients that blend to nurture hardworking skin, bringing a healthy suppleness and strength, this cream is a must for any daily beauty checklist. Apply a small amount and massage in until it is completely absorbed. Then let your feet thank you!

  • Natural, moisturizing foot cream
  • Contains healing honey
  • Rich in lanolin
  • Heals cracked heels

Ingredients: Panthenol, vitamin E, natural honey, propolis, lanolin, lactic acid, urea

  • 150 ml
  • For external use only
  • Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sun exposure
  • Company is not responsible for incorrect storage or misuse

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