Baby Oil – 250 ml

EGP 150

A mixture of natural moisturizing oils suitable for the sensitive skin of Babies. Helps protect against infections caused by the use of diapers.

Delicate and sensitive, a baby’s fragile skin needs only the purest and most nurturing gifts that nature can offer. SAHARA Baby Oil has been formulated with chamomile oil and a balanced combination of natural vitamin E and the finest olive oil to take away diaper rash. With a calming, soothing aroma, it soothes and protects, improving baby’s sleep while relieving irritation and the potential for infection. It is so gentle you may be tempted to use it yourself!

  • Pure, natural baby oil
  • Contains soothing chamomile
  • Protects against diaper rash
  • Hydrates and relieves irritation

Ingredients: Chamomile oil, isopropyl myristate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, olive oil, vitamin E, Butylated hydroxytoluene, fragrance.

  • 250 ml
  • For external use only
  • Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sun exposure
  • Company is not responsible for incorrect storage or misuse

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