Aloe Vera Soap (With Tea Tree Oil) – 100 ml

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Natural soap enriched with Aloevera and Tea tree oil to moisturize the skin daily, protect it from germs and helps in Acne treatment.

How we love its exceptional antiseptic and healing properties! Tea tree oil joins forces with aloe vera gel to deliver the anti-bacterial protection your skin has been waiting for. Each daily use raises the level of protection, as acne and bacterial blemishes are banished by this super effective combination. The salicylic acid in aloe vera acts as a gentle exfoliant, removing dead skin cells so moisturizing elements can penetrate, while tea tree oil helps reduce inflammation with its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-oxidant properties. Every wash ensures important cleansing protection, the rich, nourishing addition of coconut oil, raspberry oil, and honey soothes and pampers your skin back to silky loveliness. And don’t we just adore that refreshing tingle from peppermint oil!

  • Natural soap with tea tree
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Helps teenagers with skin eruptions
  • Anti-acne

Ingredients: Distilled water, tea tree oil, coconut oil, glycerin vegetable source, aloe vera gel, honey, raspberry oil, licorice extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, peppermint oil, mono propylene glycol, Diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propylparaben.

  • 100g bar
  • For external use only
  • Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sun exposure
  • Company is not responsible for incorrect storage or misuse

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